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Feb 23, 2014 1:00pm EST
the world, which was a stereotype that arose primary in late 19th century europe in regard to the roth child and then became a characteristic one on the radical right in europe and some aspects of the american far, far right. >> why have jews in success in capitalism? >> i should say they have not also been. but on average, when they have lived in societies that give them a modicum of equality of legal opportunity, it didn't legally discriminate against them, they have tended to do disproportionately well over time especially in the western world but not just in the western world. part of that is for a variety of reasons. jews in medieval europe and modern europe, tended to be disproportionately involved in commercial sorts of activities even when commerce was an island within a non-commercial sea. they were involved as merchants, a small number but a salient number were involved in lending money and then finance. they came to modern european societies and american societies with a greater emersion in the culture than say peasants. secondly, you tended to have high levels of male literacy in
Feb 27, 2014 7:00am EST
in which people were rejoicing with us germans about the collapse of socialism in eastern europe and the fall of the berlin wall. it was a terrific trip. now, i have been told many times during the last two days that there are very special expectations of my speech here today. so i have heard, some expect my speech to pave the way for fundamental reform of the aou peer architecture which will satisfy british wishes. i'm afraid they are in for a disappointment. i've also heard some are expecting the exact opposite and they are hoping i will deliver the message that the rest of europe is not prepare to pay almost any price to keep britain in the european union. i'm afraid these hopes will be dashed too. i find myself caught between the devil and the "deep blue sea". that, ladies and gentlemen, is not a pleasant position to be in, at least now for a german head of government. nevertheless, that cannot in any sway spoil my pleasure of being here today. on the contrary, my pleasure at being here is great because i simply want to share my thoughts with you. my thoughts about europe, it
Feb 22, 2014 7:00pm EST
and then be came a characteristic one on the radical right in europe a. >> why have jews been successful in capitalism? >> i should say they have not always been, but on average, when they lived in society that give them quality of legal opportunity, it didn't legally discriminate against them, they have tended to do well over time. especially in the western world but not just in the western world. part of that is because deep historical factors for a variety of reasons and that is because jews in modern europe were deeply involved especially as merchants. a small number, but a salient number were involved in various forms of lending money and finance. they came to modern european societies and to american societies with a greater conversion in commercial culture than people from, say, peasant backgrounds. that is one factor. and among jews-seco, secondly, tended to have high levels of male literacy in societies where most people were not lit aerate. and you had respect for the writing form and the words. and jews were expect today try to achieve some mastery of language, though only a s
Feb 24, 2014 1:00am EST
centuryhi europe with the rothschild became a characteristic one on the european radical right with someri aspects of the american far right as well. >> host: professor muller, why have to spend extraordinarily successful with capitalism?ay >> guest: they have not always been but on average average, when they live in society with a modicum of equal opportunity and did notsc discriminate, they have tended to do disproportionately well over time. especially in the western world but not just their. part of that is deep historical factors that jews sin medieval europe tended to be disproportionately involved with commercial activities even in a larger non-commercial see to be as merchants a ciliate number than eventually forms of finance one reason is they came toand modern european society with the much greater a version of commercial culture than those of a different background. second, among jews you tend to have very high levels of mail literacy. in in societies where most s people were still and a high respect for the writte word for systematic learning. the words. and jews
Feb 14, 2014 3:00am EST
complexion of what is going on in the u.s. story. so europe manages to eke out small gains at the start of the trading day. let's move to italy and see what is moving, since it is a big political day in italy. finmeccanica up. alsado dropping by four percent. european equities getting a little bit of a bump. and anglo american. is germany's biggest steel producer. steel america. this has been the bane of this companies like. the loss has come down from 122 million to 17 million euros. jpmorgan says it is an impressive set of results and they are diversifying. the stock up three percent. anglo american beat market. nearly $2 billion on nickel and platinum and copper. havas, waiting for that to trade. >> thank you so much. let's go back to jonathan ferro with all of the details from anglo america sterling -- earnings report. weon an earnings per share, got it beat. the stock is up 1.3%. but profit is down seven percent. more write-downs from the company. by $1.9 billion. his 10th month of the company, he has problems in south africa and problems in brazil, costs escalating of a huge iron
Feb 12, 2014 2:00pm PST
by the barbarians and the lands of western europe were overrun by pagan tribes in the dark ages, roman civilization, and above all roman christianity, triumpd in the long run. converted to the new faith, the former barbarians became the heirs of rome and the founders of modern europe. in the 11th and 12th centuries, the period we call romanesque, there was a remarkable revival of art and especially architecture. in the words of a contemporary, "it was as if the whole earth had cast off her old age "and was clothing herself everywhere in a white garment of churches." two of the most powerful forces molding the development of romanesque art and architecture were pilgrimage and the monastic movement. the romanesque church here at vezelay in france embodies both-- benedictine monastery and starting point on the pilgrimage route to santiago in spain. the story of vezelay echoes the story of europe during the crucial years of transition between the 9th and 12th centuries. it was founded in the 860s in the great cultural and artistic revival of the french emperor charlemagne. vikings burned it in the viol
Feb 20, 2014 7:30am PST
had to appear in court. ukraine -- how pro-europe protests are spreading. and romania -- on the hunt for smugglers. tax fraud is not a trivial offense. tax dodgers are criminals in the eyes of the law even if they are famous. it is as simple as that. but of course, we all take a very close look whenever celebrities are caught outlining their own pockets. in spain, the monarchy has just been battered by another scandal because for the first time, a princess is a formal suspect in a corruption inquiry. and since christina, the youngest daughter of the king, had to appear in court over alleged money-laundering and tax evasion -- princess christina. her husband is accused of embezzlement of public funds. judges have to decide if they will press formal charges against the princess. >> a reporter for spain's largest daily joins around 400 other journalists, all waiting for the big moment -- the arrival of the daughter of the spanish king. they want to know just how blind love can be. until now, she has kept silent on the corruption scandal surrounding her husband, but now, she has been cal
Feb 19, 2014 7:00pm EST
of the ukraine plays a big part. the capital of kiev is in the middle of the western half of europe, eastern have, russia. that is how the country is pretty much online. now those in the western area one to declare independence from the current government. mass protests have also spread to areas where we have green. in other words, a huge portion of the country. the president said his duty was to ensure peace in the country and also called for an end to the protest. >> therefore, i am again calling for the opposition leaders who claim to also want a peaceful resolution to immediately separate themselves from the radical forces that provoke much debt and clashes with security services. there is a better and more effectively to solve this. it is to find a compromise, and reach an agreement. >> there has been a wide ranging response from the international community. russia supports the current government, trying to a become any -- country. russia blames the u.s. and eu for inciting the violence. john kerry reasserted the u.s. position today in the u.s. >> the choice is between protecting the people
Feb 26, 2014 4:00am EST
.s. releases a scathing report from credit suisse. >>> positive earnings reports out of europe, a hike in production off of strong profits and inbev hosts a recovery in mexico. >>> mt. gox receives a subpoena from new york and japan announces they're also investigating the matter. >>> the bull's eye on target as the retailer has its earnings report since it suffered a security breach during the massive holiday season. >>> u.s. senate panel investigating tax evasion has accused credit suisse of using cloak and dagger tactics that belong in a spy novel. it alleges c.s. bankers made 150 trips to the u.s. between 2002 and 2000208 orchestrate a large scale tax evasion scheme. some of the things credit suisse is accused of operating remote controlled lifts, and bankers accused of filing false visa applications pretending they were tourists and advising clients how to dodge u.s. tax laws. the senate hearing kicks off late today, shares trading at the bottom, just down just over 3% in trading today. >>> the firm came out to say it considers its insurance policies for wealthy u.s. citizens to b
Feb 15, 2014 10:00am PST
in europe usa and russia. this is our job as well. he's old jeans to church. protesters click medicines of all kinds and cold remedies to painkillers in drugs for heart patients the mobile society for the preservation of money means is collecting one blankets sleeping bags bulletproof vests and shin guards. nobody will say when they got into it too steep for a new gas masks the helmets. wanting to protect demonstrators against the cons. one of the fatalities in kyiv was an intimacy. you hit the ski was abducted by the notorious there we will issue the city of the people and left in a fox. he froze to death emotions ran high at his funeral. the over ten thousand mourners had a message to the authorities they are going to accept proceeding in a cool beach is stalling tactics any longer energy is not giving up the cloth can be turned back protesters are prepared to fight. and i. it's low of six or so and reports east and europe respects he is still firmly in the grip of winter when your files across europe concrete for the days to finally become longer and i think. we thought this was a go
Feb 19, 2014 3:00am EST
, equity markets up a little bit lower. the head of the blend is bank says, buying bonds in europe or qe would cause a few more headaches than would actually solve. that is the voice of dissent. let's have a look at some of the companies we are covering this morning. peugeot, they have a new investor, dongfeng who is in for 800 million euros. the french government in there as well. trade credite we agricole. credit agricole delivered a fourth-quarter profit. it missed analyst estimates but would you have got is tax relief on the write-downs that they took on their greek unit. the dividend of $.35, that is the first time if you're a shareholder, the first time since 2011 you got that. we want more beer in russia. in asia, carlsberg earnings beat. mr. tweed will take you through those numbers later. today will be a day when we keep an eye on the u.s. housing data. we also wait for the u.k. data. higher, dollar lower. money little bit of changing hands in terms of dollar/yen. this is dollar down, yen rising. equities a little bit lower, yen a little bit higher. just a little bit of a shift
Feb 12, 2014 2:30pm PST
in western europe between 1100 and 1300. the most important of these was a dramatic population boom. as europe grew more stable and more prosperous, men and women seem to have married younger and had bigger families. the population of the west increased threefold in those two centuries, and in the richest parts, up to tenfold. hundreds of new towns and the old ones thrived as local and long-distance ade flourished. at the same time, there were new intellectual impulses, evidenced best of all in the founding of the great universities-- paris, oxford, and cambridge. inside the church, great scholars, such as peter abelard, attempted to wrestle afresh with those eternal problems of the relationship between the rational and logic and faith. so everywhere there was a sense of change. nowhere is this sense of change revealed more dramatically than in architecture. in a drab suburb of paris, at the church of saint-denis, once the glorious burial place of the kings of france, we can pinpoint the moment of transition to the new, visionary gothic style. it's rare in the history of western arc
Feb 24, 2014 4:00am EST
on the ipo. to the digital agenda setter for europe earlier and she says she wants to see more of a level playing field in europe, less barriers and one central market. is consolidation going to be occurring as we see more of a europe?arket in >> i think consolidation should happen. operators, good for the market, investment. it is very critical to invest in networks and they require a lot of capital. i think it will be slowly. we also have conditions for consolidation. barriers are not easy. to eliminate. but i think that is a very important trend. >> do you think it would be good to become bigger? >> yes, i am sure will. telco companies require a lot of capital. healthyin financially and having the critical mass that will allow you to invest. that is why we are doing this ipo. >> you want more money to be able to spend. tell me more about you as a female leading a technology company. we are seeing more women coming to the top of the large companies. microsoft.utives at should women be more incentivized to lead? think it is a fantastic sector. the industry otelco is rapidly changing. it
Feb 8, 2014 4:30pm EST
was indifferent to or defender on the jews in europe during world war ii. this an hour and 15 minutes. >> thank you, paul, for that generous introduction, too generous, and i'm grateful to the center for advanceed holocaust studies for the invitation and the preparation work done by krista and nicole. fdr and the jews was published in march of last year, and has generated a good deal of response since then. i regret to report that not all reactions were positive. i want to start by talking about two messages sent to me by unknown readers. they were not the worst but they were certainly not the best. the reason i'm singling them out is that they say something to us that may cause you to listen to the rest of my lecture with slightly different ears. so, one person wrote: all you have to do is go to the holocaust museum to see that you're wrong. well, i'm not sure this lecture is what he has in mind. and since our book offers a mixed judgment on franklin roosevelt, i can only guess at what he thought was wrong, but i would guess that he thought the positive elements were wrong. the second person
Feb 9, 2014 7:30am EST
, there was not a single mention of europe, whether there was any menace from europe, where as our two featured office today have so masterfully chronicled, a quarter-century report, but nevertheless very currently, the seeds of a real-world war were already terminating. the second baltimore had just concluded, set the stage of it, and now europe was building toward a far broader and more deadly confrontation. so to examine all these roots, it's my great pleasure to welcome margaret, as master a chronicle of the lead up to the conflict in her new, "the war that ended peace," as she was describing the words of -- "paris 1919", very close to the owner. and on the far side, robert, whose address not -- i won't actually listed but that's the book. it's magical i must say. and it of course showed how yet the great work truly pave the way towards understanding great currents that were already build in your. it's been a great passion of mine, much of my life in fact, since college, especially my last book, a shattered peace. and that's coming out in a new edition just in time for the 100th anniversary of the
Feb 14, 2014 4:00am EST
headed by his chief rival, matteo renzi. >> europe's recovery gains traction. a new connection. paysese online retailer $900 million for an internet messaging app. good morning. you are watching "the pulse." i am guy johnson. >> i am francine lacqua. also coming up, another setback. we follow the highest that cost the black market site a lot of bitcoins. >> almost balanced -- on this valentine's day, we speak about helping the mega rich find love. >> we are just getting some italian gdp numbers. maybe nothing to write home about. but we are not in a recession. gaining some 0.1%. >> pretty much in line with forecasts. that is the good news. >> the bad news is that we had to revise quite significantly the year on year gdp figure. >> to put it mildly. to q3 gdp figure revised -1.9. that is with the economy contracting 1.8 from a year ago. this is the first quarterly gain since the second quarter of 2011. yay. >> we will take it. enrico letta says he will resign today. his own party withdrew support for his government. hans nichols joins us live from rome. will enrico letta definitely go th
FOX Business
Feb 28, 2014 5:00pm EST
be deeply destablizing which is not in the interests of ukraine, russia or europe. it would represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by the ukraineian people. it would be a clear violation of russia's commitment to respect the independence and sovereignty and borders of ukraine and of international laws. and just days after the world came to russia for the olympic games it would invite the condemnation of nations around the world. and indeed the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. the events of the past several months remind us of how difficult democracy can be in a country with deep divisions. but the ukrainian people have also reminded us that human beings have a universal right to determine their own future. right the situation remains very fluid. vice president biden spoke with prime minister, the prime minister of ukraine to assure him that in this difficult moment that the united states supports his governments efforts and stands for the sovereignty,
Feb 12, 2014 3:00pm EST
. it is the job to help the french economy out of the debt ceiling, the sovereign debt crisis in europe. i began by asking him about the news of the day in washington. the looming deal to avoid the debt ceiling, and the impact that could have on france and the rest of the world. >> american politics. they discussed whatever they try to findy and -- a bipartisan agreement. what i can say is that it is good news for the american economy. when things are fit in washington, things are better in your economy and the american economy. this crisisimagine will be solved. when it is solved, it will be good news. class it has an impact in the rest of the world. it didhe contrary, if not come it would have a negative impact. >> let me ask you about the trip. the visit to washington and your visit as well. yesterday, the president had enough to silicon valley to meet . he is trying to lure some investment designers into france. will you leave here with -- is something change in mr.? -- in this trip? >> france is back on track. we are an innovative and creative country and we are opened to foreign business.
Feb 20, 2014 3:00am EST
have. look down in the south of europe, likewise in spain. two big reasons. the fed minutes say that tapering is on autopilot and the tapering will go 10 billion every single month. and theerns are ongoing pmi data is a big disappointment. is telling us one thing and the pmi is telling us something else. pmi.opped lower on the fact, that of germany data comes out at half past eight. i think, look, it is about a number in isolation it has been four or five years in the financial crisis. what are they going to do? that is a big one ahead of march 6. back to you. >> let's get to hans nichols, who is standing by in berlin with the details on the deal of the day. courtship.about the >> so, this is how it started off, and a german bakery in 2012. they started to go hiking together and they started talking formally about a deal. a few days later, they showed up with strawberries. and consummate the deal they talk about the deal all morning. the numbers are high-popping. 12 billion in shares. 3 billion in restricted stock. has 150 million users. one million users added each day. the imp
Feb 21, 2014 12:37am PST
as a peaceful protest in one of europe's busiest capitals. today, it exploded into massive violence and bloodshed. now on the brink of a civil war, at least 70 dead so far and the death toll rising. at issue, should ukraine have closer ties to the u.s. and europe or putin's russia? our team is on the ground and under fire in this fast developing and breaking news story. >> for weeks, that european capital has been the scene of a violent uprising. today, the bloodiest day yet in more than 70 dead and counting. >> we are not terrorist. we are free people who want to live in a good country without corruption with good laws. with good standards of living. >> reporter: ukraine, once a nuclear power that was part of the soviet union is divided and at a cross roads. caught between its past and the future, pitting east against west. its president is accused of corruption and human rights abuses. trying to turn the country closer to vladimir putin's russia. >> if putin will defeat us, europe will get a lot of problems, because like the ussr, we will rise again. >> reporter: but opposition fo
Feb 27, 2014 7:30am PST
it as the last chance for their ethnically fractured republic. >> europe's waters are overfished. in the mediterranean sea alone, close to 90% of stocks are in danger. the european union regularly sets strict quotas to replenish the stocks. it's hardly a surprise that the trawlers go deeper and deeper to catch fish. french trawlers who fish in the atlantic the sea waters are now meeting with increased criticism . environmental activists have fought against the sea fishing for years because it endangers the sensitive ecosystem hundreds of meters below sea level. but deep sea fish are also more and more frowned upon by consumers, an uncomfortable situation for the fisherman. >> a storm sweeping over brittany is preventing trawlers from leaving, but the weather is not the only factor currently threatening the french fishing industry. the latest controversy relates to eat the halls -- to deep-sea hauls. environmental activists have dragged our professional standing through the dirt. they are fanatics, and it's not as if we have killed anyone. >> bernardin workers at the harbor trade
Feb 16, 2014 6:30am EST
, is trumping over transnationalism in the continent of europe. >> in england they don't like the e.u. currency and want their own currency. >> the rise of the right in france and these other countries has more to do with the lack of jobs and the sluggish economy than it does with the drive to dismantle the european union. while he was here, president hollande visited silicon valley trying to get some ideas and trying to recruit some businesses because his 75% tax on the wealthy has backfired and i think he's trying to rethink some of his economic policies. he's at 19% popularity which is pretty pathetic. but the president appreciates him and in part the french press is portraying this visit and this elaborate state dinner as a consolation prize for not going ahead with missile strikes in syria because hollande said he would do thank he didn't seek permission from his parliament and then the president backed away from it. it was an embarrassing moment for the french president. but these two leaders are clinging to each other in part because they're both going through hard times. they need each
Feb 12, 2014 10:00pm EST
growth -- the positives about indonesia. its debt to gdp is lower than most of europe. and so whereas europe continues to have very high debt issuance, these emerging markets have growing and stronger balance sheets. and a faster gdp than most of developing worlds. much of this is a liquidity issue -- money running and, money running out -- the long-term trend. indonesia is a good example of a strengthening economy and a strengthening balance sheet. >> when you say that, i you thinking about looking at markets there and investing in companies that will start the market there or regardless? you can find a way to invest in those companies that take advantage of the gross circumstances of a particular economy in the country talk about. >> you can do that through index funds or etf's. you can do in emerging market index. there are many ways of investing that you have liquidity but you have the exposure in those economies. >> is the essential quality of emerging markets that they have a developing, an emerging middle class with enormous consumption power? >> unquestionably. that is going t
Al Jazeera America
Feb 10, 2014 5:00am EST
of the european union but has policy including free movement and the open borders agreement to access the europe's single market and it's not clear what the new quota will be and the swiss government has to renegotiate the deal it has with eu but several industries relying on foreign workers they say implementing a quota is a mistake. >> if you look at economic relations with europe where about every working day 700 million pounds worth of trade is conducted between switzerland and the eu, you certainly get the impression this won't be doing switzerland any favor in economic terms but could potentially have disaster consequences. >> reporter: switzerland cannot cherry pick aspects of eu policy but with the population divided with immigration caps this could be the first start toward a changing relationship with the european block and i'm with al jazeera. >> reporter: joining me from geneva is professor of political science of geneva university. professor, we heard the guest in that package saying it could have potentially disastrous effects on the swiss economy, what is the worst thing in your
Feb 5, 2014 3:00am EST
numbers. europe is where the big story is. r.b.s., deutsche bank looking for a rate cut now. my big question is that japanese rebound yesterday, does it carry through to european trade. equities up overnight. u.s. equities higher yesterday. european falling. down on the ftse and down 1/3 on the dax and down 1/3 in paris as well. i'm going to get stock specific with you. you can decide whether you're brave enough. i'm looking at swatch. expected to rise when it does finally open. up 4% this morning. profit will the swiss franc ever give them a break? 1.6313.d now buys you the number we're expecting this morning, 59. anything above 50 is expansion territory. approaches 60, that is outright punchy, francine. >> thank you. markets look to be rebounding after a serious slide earlier this week. joining us to share his investment strategy richard jeffries. great to have you on the program. how surprised were you by the correction? >> i think rather than the correction, i would see this as a reintroduction of volatile any the markets. what the fed has done is buy a period of quiet -- they h
Feb 17, 2014 6:00pm EST
-semitism in europe, on the dalai lama, on revolution and reform in islam in turkey, and elsewhere. that was in the year 2000. he gave me room to explore, ask the questions, and suggest tentative answers. my thesis was that reformists .ere on the top in iran that was undermined, when many were jailed. with the news bulletins, i would get the second slot on the story, the one they give some context to the news piece above it. the domestic news bulletins at the bbc did not have that sort of luxury, neither do they overhear. the world service i jointed. it was a deeply rewarding, enriching, and challenging a few years. i should mention that the newsroom manager did call me in and tell me to come back again after those first four weeks, and another, and another, so i remained on short-term contract, now practically the only contract found there, sprinting constantly from one story to the next, in my bid to prove mind, and the beat's work. i would made staff, eventually. i collapsed with an exhaustion related illness. that september i would be lying on my sofa at home, watching the news
Feb 26, 2014 10:30am PST
beginning ukraine's resurrection europe's resurrection. they started our ride on. it's all true nationalist move closer to power seeking key posts in a new government to be approved or rejected by chaotic crowds in a forum on the embattled independence square. he had wanted to sleep. these men to the to grasp of the three of twelve why write vigilantes in armored vehicles patrolled the streets of a muslim neighborhood in east london sparking fears of a clash between communities. and. an inquiry into the work of a troika of international and are just traveling eurozone states shows deep flaws in the system as the european parliament admits the bailout has gone to plan. i am the mosque what unites the international arena jace while political shockwaves shaped ukraine it's now the country's south where tensions are the highest for more than ten thousand people have surrounded the parliament building in crimea has made a cd. and you are now watching live pictures right here from some trouble with the capital of a radio were two factions are rallying for and against the new leadership in. he as
Feb 26, 2014 5:00pm PST
jobs with the new government. ortiz alexia says he has more on that. we need you cleans and europe's biggest battle. in a vibrancy that it's a clip of the rights of the movement of ukraine states its mission and well something that the revolution here and that with the ousting of president upon which it's immediately to the crs has a different view this is just the beginning. ukraine's resurrection. europe's resurrection. they started our ride on. while. what does this misdirection require the storming of political party offices the torching of politicians houses and a manhunt for journalists from the get go. he recently offered you work for the whereabouts of a russian journalist from the rt our channel for the cold providing false information so you can see where we are having now. the jewish community is up by torquay in south eastern ukraine thought calm had returned but on tuesday unidentified man tried to set the tone suitable to blake's with multiple channels. each four masked men started throwing explosives at our synagogue at around eleven pm. oh security try to catch the
Feb 19, 2014 6:00am EST
of the ukraine are split between europe and russia. mer joins us now from new york city. good morning. overstep hisputin bounds with recent meetings at the saatchi olympics with the ukraine leadership and with that $2 billion traunch to buy government bonds? did he reach too far? >> not from his perspective. many people would have believed that he would've waited to up untilessure on yanukovich after the olympics but those are people who care about the international response. that is not the case with mr. putin. he has edward snowden in moscow and has no problem with that. that she has been waiting to give that $2 billion directly to yanukovich and there were strings attached. he said to get his house in order. he did not know the next day you have the hard-line response from the ukrainian government and you have 25 and counting dead. vladimir putin is prepared to have force used on the ground to that the- to ensure ukraine is leaning in the right direction. >> he is trying to create a new bloc around the ukraine. who should respond within europe? we are in search of an institution in europe to
Feb 20, 2014 4:00am EST
these ministers meet in europe. >> first off, the ukrainian president is supposed to meet with the foreign ministers of germany, france and poland and then they are supposed to meet with the opposition leaders. they have three leaders though it is unclear to what extent they are in control of the event s that arenow taking place in kiev. then the opposition is supposed to sit down for direct talks with the president and then go to a meeting on the cry sniss -- crisis in ukraine. diplomacy was supposed to take the forefront today. we had this truce announced by the ukrainian president late yesterday. he said he is committed to talks to find a way to end the blood shed but the truce has been tested and appears to be crumb bling. i guess there is a link between our top stories this morning. if you want to see it. e ukrainian founder of whats app. is it worth the staggering price tag? well, look around the industry. let's find out. us. nichols joins what does zuckerberg see in this? >> growth. they put a million new users every day. what is having the the user engagement. 70% of use goers ther
Al Jazeera America
Feb 10, 2014 10:00am EST
country to mimic america's federal structure. >> and the news from europe, including the e.u. rethinks its relationship with switzerland after voters there back stricter controls on european migration. >> and iran's islamic revolution turns 35 years old. was it a success or all in vain? we hear one man's personal story. >> members of syria's government and opposition have once again arrived in geneva for another round of peace talks. what was supposed to be day one of potential progress has turned into a day of trading accusations. the past few days we bring you coverage of a cease-fire in the city of homs where aid was taken from. but in those three days there were more attacks at the same time those convoys were trying to go in. >> the regime militias in the areas where it has controlled the convoys and fields, the number we have, free civilians, and we have a number of injured people from the u.n. team. in fact, they told us some of the vehicles have been destroyed completely. they have done a very courageous job because they've been surrounded by the civilians who have been bombarded b
Feb 12, 2014 3:00pm PST
from the sochi olympics; plus, europe's struggle with immigration. >> wooduff: there's new fuel in the long-running debate about the value of mammograms for some women, and whether too many are being overdiagnosed. the research, done over more than two decades, found annual screenings did not reduce the risk of death among women between the ages of 40 and 59. it also found more than 20% of breast cancers detected through those mammograms would have been found otherwise and were not life-threatening. the study comes amid questions about who should be screened and how frequently. a government panel recommended most women under 50 could skip yearly mammograms. but several professional societies recommend them for women 40 and above. we assess the latest findings with dr. gilbert welch of the dartmouth institute studies who writes about these issues. he's the author of "overdiagnosed: making people sick in the pursuit of health." and doctor carol lee, director of the american college of radiology, which criticized the study. >> woodruff: welcome to you both to the newshour. dr. welc
Feb 6, 2014 6:00am EST
sentiment in europe ahead of key interest rate decisions. mean wile, a few quarterly reports out this morning, diamond offshore declaring revenues, special cash dividend of 75 cents per share. that stock is down fairley sharply in the premarket. et etna's earnings, forecasting an increase in medical customers in its private medicare business in 2014. etna, aet, up 1.5%. and for all the coffee lovers out there this morning, dukin blank beat the street. the company raising its quarterly dividend 21%. >> how about glazed doughnut lovers? >> they are increasingly skewed towards coffee rather than doughnuts. >> i'm going to tell you something, herb greenberg, i had a bet with him. i said in a year, coffee, which is at like 30-year lows, would be a better investment than almost everything, including gold and gold binders. and coffee futures this year, just in the six weeks, are up 22%. the etf is the best that i've got with herb. it's really just a dinner bet. there's no money on the line because i'm going to take him to mcdonald anticipates. >> you should just quit. just go & drop the
Feb 21, 2014 3:00am EST
. there was also less tourism coming through europe. those are underlying issues within the brand. gucci, the weakest sales since 2009. >> this is like very high end luxury. no logos. as you say, no logo on it. i don't know when the last thing was that you bought specifically with a logo. louisbly what you got to a stores, the moniker is there but not the logos. >> manus, thanks so much. tollg up, as the death rises and international pressure builds, what is next for ukraine? we will have the latest on that. also, we go through the main market movers. this is what we are looking at today. will go through what the g 20 can say and do. european stocks are climbing. tracking global equities higher. valeo is gaining some 9.6%. this is a french auto-parts maker. watch out for axa as well. that stock is moving after europe's second-largest insurer posted profits that missed analyst projections. all of this coming up next week. new over the weekend, a leader in italy and u.s. gdp next week. ♪ >> welcome back to "on the move ." i am francine lacqua at bloomberg's european headquarters in londo
Al Jazeera America
Feb 3, 2014 1:00pm EST
in doha. will this be his legacy? >> among the stories we're covering in europe? >> there are no corruption-free zones in europe. >> costing a staggering $160 billion a year. >> and i'll have all the sports including we look ahead to arguably the biggest gain in the english premier league so far. as manchester city hosts chelsea. >> an explosion has hit southern beirut. a suicide bomber blew himself up in a van. southeast area of the lebanese capital. at the site of the bombing joins us nazarene naz nezreen, what ig there? >> suicide bomber got in the van as a passenger. the driver of the van felt he was suspicious. he tried to turn him over to the lebanese army, a post in front of me next to the gas station, but the man decided to detonate himself. i'm going to show you what's going on behind me. obviously that mangled van is right in the middle of the street. the men dressed in white are forensic experts. they are collecting evidence for the investigation. the lebanese government has already ordered an investigation into this car bomb and collecting enough evid
Feb 2, 2014 6:30am EST
, broadcast the occupied countries in europe, warnings to nazi satellite countries, request neutral countries to engage with nazi officials in budapest and elsewhere. so that's one problem. if you're talking about direct numbers, you're talking about a small figure, 10 to 20,000 people directly saved by the war refugee board. but most people are now familiar with the efforts in budapest. he was sent with the encouragement and given the funds of the war refugee board, and while -- his efforts combined with american war news to the hungarian government an accident bombing in budapest which reinforced those warnings helped to persuade the hungarian government to cease deportations for about three months. and as result of that cessation, about 100,000 jews in budapest survive. so if you start to add in the indirect things, you quickly get to the number that approaches, or approximates 200,000. and that is a number used by one of roosevelt's harshest critics, and it's also a conservative number that we've used in our book. so i don't feel we're going far out on a limb with that. >> can you confirm
Feb 21, 2014 1:00am EST
-biggest insurer in europe. .evenue up by 2% it was exactly that, 81 euro cents. we will be speaking to the man himself, the head of axa. don't miss that exclusive interview. a deadly week of violence since protests began three months ago. they reported that 75 protesters had died and over 300 hospitalized in the clashes that broke out on february 18. david joins us with more from berlin. >> we just want to look at some of the financial aspect of this because we have seen the downgrade coming through from s and p ratings company. at first sight, you think they are behind the curve on this but if you look closer at the note, they look as if they are ahead of the curve because they are looking beyond the government. they are concerned that they could default unless there is a significant change in circumstances. wary that the aid will be linked to the president staying in power. thatare clearly concerned $15 billion will not be coming on the table. then they look at the eu-u.s.-imfof supported and the chances are that support would be linked to further fiscal consolidation exchange rates, flexibi
Feb 27, 2014 4:00am EST
indeed. caroline hyde. still to come, building the brand brick by brick. our europe editor david tweed is inside lego to find out how it became one of the world's most successful toy companies. david? >> you know wouvent more important things about the lego brick? it is to be able to take it apart like that so that you can rebuild it. i'll be back after the break ithlogue's earnings and at 9:00:15, we'll have an interview with the c.e.o. ♪ >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. you're watching "the pulse". angela america sl in the u.k. today and set to speak in london in parliament a little it later on. it may not be what cameron wanted to hear. america sl expected to call for a stronger, deeper e.u. which conflicts with what david cameron is promising. offering a referendum to the british people in the next few years. 2 chairman to have pro e.u. amnesty group, the european ovement. howard, let me start with you first. the german chancellor is coming. david cameron has often seemed shares his merkel views. we need change. we need to make sure the e.u. functions better. do you thi
Feb 12, 2014 3:00am EST
has greater valuation problems than europe. if the united states gets the flu and we are not immune in global markets. >> what is the catalyst? andarnings coming in behind at an opposite level. the forecast for 2014 and 2015 is the same. we need to get out the pencil and make some adjustments. -- >> what are you doing right now? >> we are looking for higher-quality businesses and good return on equities. a decent balance sheet. it is done better through the downturn and some of the companies that are borderline profitable that face significant challenges. >> i asked you about more specifics. stay with us. here's a look at what is coming up. my exclusive conversation. told where he is looking to spend next. >> we have double. ♪ >> welcome. in london, this is on the move -- onumber television bloomberg television. on the move.ks manus cranny has been talking about this all morning. it is a bloomberg exclusive. sources close to the situation say that the founding family has contacted private equity funds. the stock price is getting to 3.3%. estimates for the we spoke to the j -- four
Al Jazeera America
Feb 21, 2014 5:00pm EST
think new elections will help us build a new country that will be closer to europe and closer to the people. >> i think yanukovych was forced to do t but i would not trust him any way after what he did to the country. not just him but all those who are with him. they won't honor any deal. that's why i would not trust them either. we have to pressure every day for him to do what he greed. the west cannot pressure him. >> brokered by foreign ministers from poland, germany, france, and a special envoy from russia. >> we're very grateful and happy at the same time we could contribute to settle the situation and to better pave the way now for a political solution, which is now in the hand of the ukrainians. >> president viktor yanukovych offered a series of concessions. under the kneel will be the restoration of the your cranan constitution of 2014 and formation of a national unity government within ten days. >> the president has made unprecedented steps without any conditions and with the only desire in mind to stop bloodshed, to bring calm and peace to ukraine. >> an investigatio
Al Jazeera America
Feb 8, 2014 12:00pm EST
catastrophic flooding that has taken place. we also turn to snow that has pushed across much of europe including italy where you can see snow-capped mountains and an of go of the terrain. you can see this light post. it's buried by the snow. it's a mountain of snow. even in california where we've had to deal with devastating drought over the last year or so we do see rain coming down in portions of southern california, which is excellent. they need the rain. it's been a very dry season. as we head on into this new year we look at a change in the actual pattern. you can see the pineapple express, that is moisture pushing in from the hawaiian islands into california. that rain will be pushing across the region today. and the areas that need the rain the most are going to finally get it. now we do need to see plentiful amount of moisture making it's way into northern california, and also across sierra, nevada, to make an impact. it's going to be a process. we're going to have steady moyes for a long period of time to really see an significant impact. but right now a change in the pattern.
Feb 21, 2014 2:30pm PST
and two, hopefully, resume its way toward europe. >> but when the opposition leaders returned to independence square, there was no celebration. drownedhe leaders was and cries of "traitor." yes, ukraine has an agreement, but not much trust on either side. under this deal, protesters are meant to withdraw from all of the buildings they have occupied. you think they will? think itainly do not will happen soon. i think the mood is wary, cautious. i think they have seen things go wrong before, and there is another factor here -- not everybody believes in this deal. indeed, there are some amongst the protesters who believe they in order to further get the president to stand down immediately. that having been said, there are quite a lot of people who believe this is, as the international community has been saying, the best moment to make in order to avoid a crackdown. one of the key opposition leaders was quite frank about it and said, "i signed up for this deal not necessarily because it delivers everything, but as a way of stopping the violence." to appreciates there are differing
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